Reinos de Kradnuf: A Escola Indesejada (Kradnuf Kingdoms: The Unwanted School) Review

First of all I have to praise the author for the amazing writing at such an young age (17 years old).

Reinos de Kradnuff A escola indesejada (livro 1)I enjoyed reading Reinos de Kradnuf: A Escola Indesejada, even though it is not the genera that I normally read. This book, by Claudia Cardoso, is about a teenage girl who has to leave home to go to a boarding school far away from where she lives even though she doesn’t really want to.

It is full of humour which makes it a really easy read. There are a lot of characters with really strong characteristics that make them unique in their own way: Elaine, the main character, who is incredibly curious (sometimes way to much), Trebor, my fav character and a extremely mature person, Bradley who is always there to help even if now and then he is rather rude to people, Lily who is the most mysterious one, Richard, …

I believe there are parts of the story that could have been improved and better explored, such as the way of transportation between the two worlds, but other than that there nothing for me to say. It is a really well written book, with a story that compels people to read it until de end.

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